Close Call

Close Call

By Tiana Chan

The dark green hues of the grass surrounded me. Balls were scattered everywhere. The afternoon sun shone on the glistening fence. A basketball sat in front of my foot.

“This is boring. I rather play real basketball!!!” I exclaimed, kicking the basketball lightly, “Don’t you think playing soccer with a basketball is kind of lame?!”

“Well, what else are going to do?! All the courts are taken!!” Destiny replied, frowning. I wondered if the day could get any more boring. I wish there would be any action. Any at all.

Slip! I pounded against the firm, hard ground. My vision blurred as every sound seemed a mile away. I was confused about what happened, but the horrible memory haunted me again. I fell backward when I intended to kick the ball.

I tried to get up, but a sharp pain in my back disturbed me. Every movement cost a lot of effort.

“Are you okay?!” Destiny asked with concern. I replied with a faint “Yes.” “Get up!!” “I can’t!!” “Yes you can!!” Her cold hand grasped mine as she pulled me up. I started to walk. At least I can walk.

Even so, pain ran across my back every time I tried to bend. At that point, I’d do anything to be where I was 30 seconds ago.


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