Halloween Horrors 1

Halloween Horrors 1

By Sam Horwitt

One day on the street of  Arlington 3 kids, Betty, Rick and Jack, were trick-or-treating on Halloween night. As they ran down the street they heard a groan as if from a  zombie.

“Psh, it must be nothing.” Said Jack trying not to freak out.

As they knocked on the next house they heard the same sound. UGHHHH. Chills went down their backs.

“Trick-or-Treat!!” They exclaimed at once.

“Heeeerre.” The woman at the doors voice croaked like a frog.

They quickly nabbed the candy, put it in their bags, and sprinted faster than they ever had before.

“Somethings going on!” Yelled Betty.

“NO DURR! We’re all going to DIE!!” Rick screamed.

“Come on people don’t go crazy.” Said Jack.

As they passed people along the street they  seemed to inhabit the costumes they wore.

“Lets try to find someone NORMAL around here, hey theres Ben from school, BEN! OVER HERE!”Yelled Betty.

“Hmm… your little school buddy doesn’t seem to like you much.” Joked Jack.

“Maybe he didn’t hear me.”

They ran across the street to him.


“Uh-oh he’s weird too.” Whispered Rick.


Suddenly Ben’s fake knives got more and more real until they became pure steel.

“RUN!!” They all screamed in terror.

“I think I figured it out, the costume you wear is what you become.” Said Jack.

“Then why aren’t WE affected??” Asked Betty.

As she said that Rick screamed “BRAINSS!!”

“AHHH!!” They dashed behind a corner and waited until Ben (Tina) and Rick (zombie) passed.They ripped off their costumes.

Rick ran away but, Ben wasn’t that dumb.

“Hehe. Jack said nervously. Guess that only works in the movies.”


“Oh boy, we’re cornered.”

“Do you see that branch? Asked Betty. Grab it and on the count of three throw it at his right knife.”

“Got it.”Answered Jack.

“3,   2,   1, NOW!”

The branch flew like a bullet at his knife.

“BLAGHGH.” Wailed Tina.

Betty slid under his right arm, and kicked his left leg. Jack followed.

“GRR.” Grunted Tina.

“SPRINT!! Get to my house it’s just down this block.”Yelled Jack.

“YARRGHGH.” Yelled Tina.

Costumes of all sort came out of houses. Zombies, Witches, ghosts, ghouls.

“Okay thats my hou- Oh my god…” Said Jack in awe.

There was a hoard of zombies and characters from ‘The walking Dead’ killing each other right in front of Jack’s house.

“Wow, okay I have a window at the back of my house so um… OH GREAT PLANNER BETTY WHAT SHALL WE DO??”

“Well we need a plan so, lets sneak by that house on the left and then try to grab a weapon for battle just in case.”

They snuck around the neighbors house.

“The perfect opportunity to get a weapon.” Said Jack.

He grabbed the crossbow. Every single person and zombie slowly turned their heads toward Jack and Betty. They bolted into the back window of Jack’s house, the crossbow at hand.

“Phew, that was a close one.” Said Betty shutting the window..

“We aren’t done yet… look.”Said Jack.

“Wow, they really want to kill us and then eat our brains don’t they?” Said Betty.

“Grab those 2 by 4s and board up the windows and I’ll block the doors.” Ordered Jack.

They swiftly boarded and blocked up the doors and windows.

“Now I can officially say, PHEW!”Said Betty in relief.

“Well then, what now, eventually we’ll have to go back out.”Stated Jack.

Betty peered through a spot in the window not covered by wood to look at the havoc outside. Suddenly she grabbed the crossbow out of Jack’s hands. and cautiously opened the door and stepped out.

“BETTY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?” Exclaimed Jack.

She ran through the crowd of zombies shooting them to make a path.

“Got to get to Costume Mania.” Thought Betty as she ran through the streets dodging all sorts of monsters.

Back at the now opened house…

“Take that!! And THAT!! AND HOW ‘BOUT SOME OF THIS!!!!” Screamed Jack as he fought to save his life. He kicked and screamed.

“RRRAWR!!” He pushed over a table at a group of zombies. He grabbed a kitchen cleaver and chopped away at them. Nothing made that much of a difference. He ran up his stairs and opened the bedroom window. He slowly creeped through it and looked at the ground, then he looked at the zombies coming into the bedroom. Then… he jumped.He hit the ground with massive force.

At Costume Mania…

“Come on, come on, where’s a costume that can save the world!” Thought Betty.


She quickly put on the Wonder Woman costume. But as she did she heard someone who was seeming to give a speech outside she went to check it out.

“This is the day that we become the strongest, scariest monsters the world has ever SEEN!! WE CAN WALK INTO OTHER CITIES, no no COUNTRIES, no not that either CONTINENTS AND SABOTAGE THEM AND MAKE OUR OWN SOCIETY!!!! THIS IS THE DAY MONSTERS RULE THE WORLD!!” Chanted a mysterious scientist.

“I object your little society changer for I am WONDER WOMAN!! FOR GLORY!!”

She immediately started to jump into battle chopping heads and blocking bullets.

“AGH.” Wailed Betty, she stared down at her leg which was covered in blood.

“Well… Well… Well… Defeated? Awwww… Kill her!” Exclaimed the scientist.

“WAIT!! Before you do I thought you might like to know… I have an ace up my sleeve, I am in need of you Amazon sisters!! Come to me!”

Suddenly Amazons appeared everywhere in the battlefield.“You said you needed us?? Well here we are! CHARGE!!!!” Screamed the what seemed like Amazon leader of that hoard.

“GWARRR!!!” Answered the monsters. Betty watched as friends died. She watched as her city parished. She saw her ransacked home. Then she saw someone she wasn’t expecting, Jack.

“Jack? JACK!?” She said fearing the worst.

“uuuuuu.” A small slow hum came from him.

“Betty?” Groaned Jack.

“Phew, thank Hera (Goddess Queen for the greeks.)  you’re okay.”Said Betty.

“I would be better if you didn’t ditch me.” Said Jack.

“Or you could be DEAD.”Said Betty.

“What’s happening?”Asked Jack.

“My sisters are winning over the monsters.” Answered Betty. “Now I must go.”

“No you can’t defeat ME!!” Exclaimed the scientist.”No one can!!”

“Your army has retreated and we have won!” Said Wonder Woman in triumph.” Now we will take you to Themyscira,” (Wonder Woman’s home.) “Wait! What about all the costume freaks!?” Asked Jack.


“I can’t! My master is the only one who has control over it!” Explained the scientist.

“Well then we need him!” Stated Jack. “Well, looks like our little adventure isn’t over!”

To Be Continued…


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