Halloween Horrors 2

Halloween Horrors 2

By, Sam Horwitt

After defeating the scientist Jack comes up against a new challenge, he must find the leader who can turn off his machine that makes people become their costumes, what will he do?…

“Okay, I am kind of alone, I need a plan, and I need a crew or a team!” Thought Jack. “Hey, there’s a paper that the scientist dropped!” He picked up the wrinkled note. “(&%@#:.” Read Jack. “What’s that supposed to mean!?” He thought. “I need a translator.” He said aloud. “I know there is a translator down the street.” He thought.

He ran down the street until he found the translators store, he walked in and immediately saw the translator.

“Welcome, how can I assist you?”

“Can you read this to me?” Jack handed the note to him.

“Hmm… oh no… WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW!?? WHO DID YOU GET THIS FROM!!!???” The translator yelled in confusion and anger.

“ I need to find um… the master guy who controls this machine that makes the people wearing costumes become their costumes. The scientist henchman dropped this note.”

“Well, you’re out of luck, go home you’ll never make it!” Said the translator sounding depressed.

“Make it WHERE!?” Said Jack getting annoyed.

“The lost city of Asalame.” The translator said in awe.

“What’s that??” Questioned Jack.

“An underwater land in the Pacific. The only way you can get there is by submarine.” Explained the translator.

“How can I get a SUBMARINE!?” Yelled Jack.

“Well, I CAN support you on your trip, here I’ll make you a deal, I will score you a submarine, and I can assist you along your trip, IF, you can prove that you are able to end up beating the overlord by having a crew.” Said the translator.

“Deal.” Agreed Jack.

Jack ran out and set off to find an efficient crew. He checked houses streets, he checked all over the city, no one was found.

“Ugh, where did they all go??” Thought Jack. “Maybe the creepy monsters went to their leader.” He continued his train of thought.

Until he turned a corner and found a group of wizards and fairies looking around VERY attentively with eyes full of tears, this was Jack’s chance to find a crew!

“Hello?” Said some of the fairies in small voices.

“Hi, I’m Jack, I’m not here to hurt you.” He said creeping closer to them.

“We don’t want to be these creatures that we are.” One wizard kid said in disgust.

“Well then, you guys are perfect! I am trying to stop the machine that made you who you are now. If you help me on this journey you can be regular people again!” Explained Jack.

“I guess we have no choice, I HATE being a FAIRY!!” Yelled one of the fairies.

“Yeah, WOO-HOO yeah!! Let’s GO!!” Agreed and chanted the group.

“Great! Follow me.” Said Jack.

They all followed Jack back to where he met the translator. What they saw in front of them shocked them all…

“Yessss!!! That’s our ride!!” Cheered Jack as he excitedly pointed at the submarine as it waited patiently to be boarded and used to save human-kind.

“Yep, now we just need to get her to the docks, oh and if I’m going to help you along the way you’ll probably need to know my name, I’m Jax. Well, let’s get moving!” Said Jax. (Translator.)

He ordered the wizards and fairies to carry the boat to the docks.They did as they were told and lifted the submarine just enough to not drag it.

At The Docks…

“Okay, we made it.”Said Jack in relief. “Time to get on board!”

They rushed on board the submarine. Jax showed Jack how to steer the submarine while he controlled the weapons.

“And off we GOOOOOO!” Exclaimed Jax and Jack.

2 Hours Later….

“Ugh, it’s been 2 whole hours and we’ve seen nothing but water and more water!” Complained Jack.

“Well what do you expect? We’re in the ocean.” Joked Jax.

“I expected a huge under-wa-”

Jack was interrupted by the shock of the under-water base sitting there right before his very eyes.

“Asalame…” Said Jack in awe.”Now to stop this terrible headmaster who turned my friend into a zombie and has plans to rule the world!” Said Jack.

“Oh, well the EVIL ‘headmaster’ might be closer than you think…” Said Jax.

Then he pulled out a machine out of his black sleek trench coat. He pushed a button on it and all the fairies in the back came forward into the control room of the submarine, joining the little party. They pushed him down, he sat in shock.

“How could you… how could you BETRAY me!!!??” Said Jack in disgust.

“Yeah… I betrayed you blah, blah, blah. You were merely a threat to my ruling. I knew who you were once you gave me that note that my pitiful henchmen dropped.” Explained Jax.

“So… how’s your army going to take over the world??  Other countries and even continents will team up together and combine armies to crush you!” Threatened Jack.

“I agree, that has been a problem but, through weeks of planning that is no longer an issue: I have noticed that us humans are very self-conscious about their own lives. So… I am going to bluff… I will say I have a most powerful and superior army so they will be ripe for killing then they will fight for resources to survive it will be anarchy! Thats where I come in, I will be the superior who does NOT fight for resources. Then, if they become part of my army they survive, if not say goodbye!” Continued Jax.

“So what part do I play to you?” Questioned Jack.

“You are the hope/hero that I kill on the T.V. recording that I send to other continents, making them scared.” Explained Jax.

“So enough thinking about your future lets think about the present, what now?” Asked Jack.

“Well I’m going to get on with my plan!” Said Jax.

Jax pushed a different button on the machine. Mermaids flowed out of many entry ways of Asalame and hurried toward the submarine. Then they turned it around and pushed back the way we came, back to land.

A short while later on land…

As Jack walked off the submarine he thought, “Is this the end? Is it all over?”

As he trudged on he noticed that Jax was standing on a very loose board on the dock. If he could get enough force to slam onto the board Jax would fall in the water and break his machine. But where could he get such an amount of force?? Then, an idea rang in Jack’s head, a risky ringing idea but it’s all he’s got. Jack ran at Jax, only to be counterattacked and flipped onto the rickety board. It shook.

“Perfect. It’s working.” Thought Jack. “If we fight enough on this board it’ll break!”

Jack continued to fight and continued to be counteracted by the clear superior fighter.(Jax.)  Then Jax had had enough, “Fairies take care of this idiot!” Demanded Jax.

The fairies walked over and picked him up. In a struggle, he kicked free! The board was cracking under the pressure of Jax and the fairies. Regaining his strength, Jack stamped his foot as hard as he could and finally broke the board! Jax and the Fairies fell into the water. Then, Jax’s hand came out of the hole holding a DVD in his hand, he dropped it on the docks and disappeared into the water. Jack took the DVD and watched as Jax’s machine spark in the water. Broken.

Later at Jack’s Mostly Destroyed House…

Jack put Jax’s little ‘gift’ in his T.V. and watched intensly at the message Jax left…

The recorder started: “If you are reading this then you have escaped my grasp Jack Coladro. You might have won this battle but not this war… I am still a threat, and I’m coming for you and power over your world, Farewell, for now…”

 The End?


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