My Fountain Pen

My Fountain Pen

By Ashley Lee

I was sitting  quietly writing in my journal  about  how Mr. Horwitt was giving out some fountain pens.I wrote my story just as I was getting relaxed , Mr.Horwitt called my name.I slowly got out of my seat. Excited ,nervous and shy emotions surrounded me.I glanced uneasily at my friend Abigail ,who gave me an encouraging nod. Then she went back to writing as if nothing has happened.

  I put my head up and walked to the carpet where Mr.Horwitt was sitting.I sat in front of him  as my hands got sweatier  by the second.

There was a short period of silence  until Mr.Horwitt asked me ,”Do you deserve a fountain pen?” I gulped and thought “do I deserve a fountain pen?” I thought about it and asked myself a few times “Do I deserve a fountain pen?””yes” I answered”because I’m going to ask  people  if I don’t know something ,and i’m going to try not to be scared when I go talk to the teacher.” Then I got really nervous.I kept thinking to myself “Is he going to  give me a fountain pen?”

He said “If you were to pick one which one would you pick?” I looked at all of them with a thoughtful look.Blue, red , classic black, and even gold!I looked at the gold one with a thought” I’m going to make this one last forever!” I smiled about it and thought about how I was going to write about this amazing day in my journal  when I finally got my fountain pen.

     I pointed at the gold one with my trembling hand.”Then it’s yours!” he says smiling.” Wow! I thought,as he showed me how to use it and told me the risks of breaking it.” Don’t drop it!” he warned.”Ok”I replied with a satisfied  smile.I held it tight as I got up. My butt was asleep from sitting so long but I didn’t mind  at all.Plop!!!!The fountain pen slipped out of it’s wrapping and fell  down,down, down to the floor .The class burst into laughter as I picked it up.I turned beet red as I slipped it back into it’s wrapper.”Don’t worry it’s not broken ,” Mr. Horwitt said as I walked back to my seat in shame.”Which one did you get?”asked Abigail.Did she see everything that happened these last seconds?I thought nervously.I slowly took it out of my desk and showed it to her .”Wow!”she said breathlessly .As she went back to writing her story.I smiled and put it back inside the desk.I wrote and suddenly just took it out .The fountain pen felt cool in my hands as I  checked to make sure it wasn’t broken.I put it into my desk once more and as I  thought “What a day!”I felt good and was proud of myself.


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