News- Thursday, 12-11-2014

Thursday’s News

Brought to you by Sam Horwitt

Continuing the topic of Wednesday…

Where You Left Off…

As I have said on yesterday’s news, E-cigarettes are becoming more popular to kids because no-one has said and studied that E-cigarettes are terrible for you. How are E-cigarettes shown in the modern world?

E-cigarettes are shown as a way to have the pleasure of smoking but without the unhealthiness of a regular cigarette. The reason companies are not saying how terrible E-cigarettes are is because the companies need the money. But what I’m telling you now is, don’t get tricked by the society that is only driven by money.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Lorillard (an E-cigarette making company) is the 2nd most successfull tobacco-making company all because of false advertising E-cigarettes.

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