News- Tuesday, 12-16-2014

Tuesday’s News

Brought to you by Tiana Chan

Today’s news is…

Exotic Serval Cat Gets KILLED by a Truck

Servals may be in Africa, but are domesticated in Canada. These tall animals make good pets, but cannot be allowed outside. Servals run away every chance they get, and never return. Servals must be on a harness when they go outside.

On Saturday, an exotic serval cat named Samson escaped from it’s home in Sooke. The mystery of the lost feline is solved in Vancouver Island.

On Sunday, Samson is found dead after a collision with a truck. Peter Henry, the man driving the truck, says, “I ran over this exotic serval cat last night, kinda shocking when it jumped out in front of the truck!!”

Samson the serval’s fate was devastating, as servals can cost $9,000-$22,000. This seval was a rather jumpy one!! Servals can make good pets, but always know where they are!!


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