News- Wednesday, 12-10-2014

Wednesday’s News

Brought to you by, Sam Horwitt

Our first topic today is…

E-Cigarettes: How Can They Affect YOU?

It is a well known thing that cigarettes are judged as bad. Well, they are. They are bad for your overall health and anyone’s health around you. But it hasn’t been said that e-cigarettes are just the same. Well actually they are.

E-Cigarettes are filled with a chemical called Nicotine, nicotine is a Stimulant that is highly addictive and causes harm to your body. Nicotine is also found in any old cigarette.

What is the Problem With E-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes are too new for anyone to actually do any tests on these E-cigarettes, making them titled as ‘Fine.’ The problem is they’re not fine. Kids as young as the age of 12 are already Vaping. Vape pens also now come in flavors so kids get even more addicted.

So, what IS the problem with vape pens? Well after reading this I would hope you know.

We will return to you tomorrow continuing the issue with E-Cigarettes, How are they shown in our capitalist culture?

Stimulant: A stimulant is a drug that makes you very hyperactive and, speeds up your heart rate. (Overall speeds up your body.)

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