By Leann Hom

My mom was on the phone as always. It was a boring day for the Hom family, until my mom announced my family was going to look at a puppy! I was so thrilled to look at a puppy, I was kind of addicted to puppies.

Jumping around in the car, excitement and curiosity hit me. Just thinking about it made me feel excited. My dad stopped the car. “Maybe mommy’s friend should go to our house, its a long wait.” my dad said. I was sad but it didn’t really matter, at least I could still see the pup.

We got home, hours past and he didn’t come. Looking in the window made it even more boring. The doorbell rang. Even more excitement ran through me. I ran to the columns, peaking through the gaps. But it was just the mailman.

“UGH, I can’t take it!! Must. See. Dog!!” The doorbell rang again, I wasnt interested. My father answered the door, footsteps hollowed into the light. A man held a gray creature in his arms saying she is a female and she is 3 months old. He put the puppy into my dad’s arms, at first my dad was like we don’t need another dog but now he loves her! I was kinda greedy so I asked my dad “Can I hold her?” He put her into my arms. I could see all the little details of her. She had strips of white fur and a blackish grey fur coat, black brown eyes, a white tipped tail, and little spots on her tummy. In that very little moment I named her Oreo.


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