Phones At School

Phones At School

By Selah Pons

Should parents allow kids to have phones at school? I think kids should be allowed to have phones at school, because they can stay in touch with parents if they need a ride or something. Having a phone takes a lot of responsibility, and trust from parents plus bringing it to school. I think kids should have phones at school, so they can call anyone they need if they want or need help.

Here are some reasons why I think kids should have phones at school: The phones are like a special resource or you can help a person that doesn’t have a phone. The person that has a phone can contact the parent of the kid who has an emergency, you can help out with whatever the situation is. The parents can trust their kid to have a phone after school. The kid can help tell the other kid call the parent to tell their parents where they are. Some kids walk home, so they need a phone to contact their parents after school to tell them where they are. Even if it takes a lot of responsibility and trust, parents will still trust a 5th grade kid to bring a phone with them to school, but, theres a catch…

A phone takes a lot of responsibility, and a lot of money. You need to pay the phone bill people are asked to. Or if the person is younger the parents pay for it. The children might call other people the parents don’t know about, but you don’t have to worry about anything.

Kids can handle anything that considers a phone. Parents can trust kids to make their own choices with the phone. Hopefully they are good choices. Kids should have phones at school without making bad choices. The child has many other responsibilities, but kids need a phone after school so they can contact the parents if they are at work, and if they need to walk home. Kids need the phone to contact anyone they need.


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