The Cat Who Started Planet 4

The Cat Who Started Planet 4

By Tiana Chan


“There have been massive sights of flashes of lights that have been believed to be comets. Scientists believe that extinction of humans is drawing nearer.” Sarah sighed. This was not good at all. She did not want humans to go extinct.

She decided to take action. Even if she worked hard, she knew in her heart that the 4th Planet would be hard to reproduce.

She concentrated on the news. “People are fleeing like crazy stray

cats. And fear is spreading around the glo-”

The TV crashed. Then it hit her: cats!! That’s it!! Why hadn’t she thought of it before?!

Cats are clever, talented animals that have amazing skill!! And the best part: she had the world’s first talking cat.

Chapter 1

The Plan

“Destiny, I need to talk to you!!” Sarah shouted. “Meow?” Destiny pounced in. “Oh hi, it’s you!!” Destiny purred. “What’s up?!” “Well, the world is about to end and you need to regenerate Planet 4 so humans won’t go exti-” Sarah stopped, taking a deep breath after talking so rapidly, “and-” “SLOW DOWN!!!” Destiny meowed fiercely, “I can’t take it all in!!”

“Okay!! FINE!!! So just now, I watched the news, and they said that comets are heading toward Earth!! And by the looks on satellite, the comets are heading towards bodies of water. So most likely, there will be massive I-forgot-how-high-up tsunamis across the globe that will wipe out and cause mass extinction!!!” Sarah looked as if she ran out of oxygen.

“So, before you explained the ugliness, you said something about regenerating?!” meowed the furry little feline. “Well, you see, humans have had their ways for all these years, they’ve done good things, they’ve had their bad, but humans have gone so far! And, I just thought, that if the next version of Earth was just as intelligent, maybe the next planet would improve!!!” Sarah explained to Destiny.

“Still don’t see where I pounce in!” Destiny stated. “Well, this is where you come in!” Sarah nodded. “You are going to guide Planet 4. You are going to make the next Earth the best that you can! You will start a new generation!” “Wait, you’re making me do labor? Animal labor??!!” Destiny hissed.

“No!! It’s called SAVING THE WORLD!!!! I thought you always wanted to be a famous feline super hero!!” “Yes, but Sarah, don’t you think this is all too FICTIONAL?!! Your last big idea was to recreate a computer, and all of a sudden you go to SAVING THE WORLD!!???!!! That’s CRAZY!!!!” Destiny screeched.

“Fine!!! It’s a little crazy, but I’ve been spending the past year studying survival, animal intelligence, science, and math!! Come on Destiny, won’t you at least give it a shot?!”

Chapter 2

The Way

“Fine!! But I’m not saying yes until I see your plan!!” Destiny hissed fiercely. “Well, I just, umm, the thing is, umm, well, umm-” Sarah mumbled, “umm, you see, umm, I don’t, umm, actually have a way yet.”


“Well, you see, I’m currently developing a gadget that is a protective bubble. It’s water proof, fire proof, toxic proof, and it won’t pop even if you force a needle in! Also, you get pure oxygen from oxygen filter tubes. But the problem is, the bubbles are too tiny!” Sarah stated. “So the bubbles can only fit cats, babies, and other small critters!” “Well, why don’t you make the bubble bigger?” Destiny questioned. “Well, if the bubbles were made bigger, it wouldn’t be durable anymore. So the smaller the bubble, the stronger.” Sarah replied in a matter-of-fact tone. “Wait, can you fit in the bubble?” Destiny asked, fearing the worst. “Well no, I can’t,” Sarah said with a frown, “so yes, I’m not going to survive.”

“What?!! But how am I supposed to save the world without you?!!” Destiny meowed helplessly, “I don’t know everything you do! And you want me to pass on human knowledge?!!” “Well that’s all right!! I also spent the past year creating and buying books about everything in the world!! I’m pretty sure I downloaded at least 60% of all the books in the world!! Oh, did I mention they’re all ebooks on an iPad? Also, I packed you 5 iPads, in case you need backup. All your luggage will be in a separate protective bubble, maybe more, but that’s your source of knowledge. There will be a world map that tracks down where every protective bubble is.” Sarah stopped, followed by deadly silence.

The duo stared at each other for a while, until Destiny broke the silence, “So you intend to put babies in the protective bubbles too?” “Yes I do. And I want you to teach them, take care of them, let them grow up, and watch them reproduce!!” Sarah replied, giving Destiny a reassuring smile, “I know you can to it!! I know you won’t let me, more importantly, the world, down!!! After all, that’s how you got your name. Destiny, you are the destiny of the world!!!”

Chapter  3


“So, about when will the world end?” Destiny questioned, “Because don’t you have to know so we can schedule our plan?” “Well, the news said on November 26. So in 5 days. Aww… right before our last Thanksgiving too!!” “So, what next?” Destiny meowed, “What are we going to do now to get ready?!”

“Well, as I mentioned, I will have to gather organisms from all over the world. So, I guess that is my next step.” Sarah explained with determination. “But how??! That sounds pretty hard to me!!” Destiny asked, eyes starting to brighten as night approached. “I dunno, but for now, I just want to, uhh, yawn, have to- sle- z z Z”

Sarah woke up to the birds chirping happily, as warm rays warmed her body. Poor birds, Sarah thought. They are having such a happy time right now, not even knowing they might not ever see the light again. In 4 days, they’re gonna wake up in darkness, realizing they’re dead.

The words in Sarah’s head caused her to break into tears, just frozen there, sobbing. Her vision was blurred by her tears, and soft, gentle tears rolled down her cheek, leaving a trail of water. She tried to stop, telling herself crying was no use, she’s just wasting time. But Sarah just couldn’t stop. The thought of all the lives of all those little innocent animals, all the innocent people who helped the lives of others everyday, and all the plants who-

The plants!! Why didn’t she think of the matter before??!! Plants are necessary for all life on Earth!! Without plants, no one can reproduce life!!! And if comet was to hit the Earth, there will be smoke that would pollute the WHOLE sky, blocking all the sunlight!!!! And all the battle of elements will DEFINITELY wipe out all plant life!!! Without all the plants, Destiny won’t have any oxygen!!!! Sarah heart sank. Saving the world seemed WAY more hopeless now. Maybe Destiny was right. Maybe she was crazy. It was so foolish to think SHE could actually save the world. Sarah stared at the model of the protective bubbles. She had been working on this for the past year. 365 days. It seemed like a lifetime to Sarah. Sarah cried more, continuously, not noticing Destiny crawl in.

“What’s wrong??!!” Destiny meowed, and Sarah, started to see Destiny there. Sarah quickly dried up her tears and tried to act natural. “Sorry- Destiny. I was having a nervous breakdown.” Sarah hiccuped. “Why?!! What in the world could you be upset about?!!” Destiny demanded, “You’re just wasting time!!!” “Destiny, I’m really sorry, but, I don’t think I can save the world!”

Chapter 4

Spirits Lifted

“Why Sarah?!!! Why?!!!!!!!” Destiny questioned, “Why do you come up with the best plan ever to save the world, and then you doubt it?!! Are you playing a trick on me?!!”

“No, Destiny, I should have listened to you!! I’m a crazy little girl trying to do something no one can do!!! Straight A’s in school won’t help me at all!!!” Sarah said, trying to keep herself from bursting into tears. “Seriously?!! You convince me to do something that will change our history forever, and then you quit?!!” Destiny tried to sound serious, hiding in the little laughs that thought Sarah was going to crack up any moment admitting that she had her.

“Yes, Destiny, I mean, use your head. What is possible for all life on Earth?! PLANTS!!!! And what do plants need?! SUNLIGHT!!!!! And what will happen when smoke from fires pollute the sky?! The SUNLIGHT will be BLOCKED!!!! Doesn’t it seem hopeless now?!!” Sarah screamed. “Gosh, Sarah!! You are freaking out for nothing!! Have you ever heard of something called an indoor plant light?!! Maybe you haven’t!! Let me tell you, an in-door-plant-light is a light that works like sunlight!! You had one that you used to win the Winter-Plant-Grow-Contest!! Sound familiar?!!” Destiny rolled her eyes, “Why don’t you use that?!!”

“Destiny, everyone knows plants don’t grow in light bulbs!! Plant-lights act like the su-” Sarah felt so dumb!! Of course!! Why hasn’t she thought of it before?!! “Oh my gosh!! Destiny, you’re right!! I guess my blood stopped flowing to my brain!! Well, let’s go save the world!!”


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