The Hill

The Hill

By Samuel Horwitt

“Uhh. I groaned, as I trudged up the long,tall,steep, rocky hill.  My seventh grade brother (Ben) was ahead of me, my parents behind.

I felt my legs burning like the inside of a volcano. Crunch. Crack. Crunch! Every step hurt.

Can I just call quits? I could say my asthma is kicking in.

Dexter (my dog) was racing to every spot of shade that the thick, gray, brush provided. I glared at the ball of fire above me which seemed to be getting closer making me hotter every second.

Every step takes so much out of me but doesn’t get me any closer to the top.

“Is that what I think it is?” I thought. “IT IS!!” There was a perfect opening to the top! I saw Ben waiting.

Dexter falls behind, “come on Dexy, COME ON!!” I tried to sound joyful but it was impossible through all my dread. But, it worked! Dexter sprinted up the hill. Poof patta poof! He ran! He must be just as tired as me!

I can do this! I hauled through the dirt and rock. I quietly pumped myself up.

“Woo-Hoo! I made it!”

“Yup, you did.” Said Ben. “But you know, when mom and dad come up, we’ll have to go all the way back down.” Teased Ben.

And it was that moment when I realized my adventure wasn’t over.

“Well when that time comes I will be prepared!”


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