The Plastic Islands

The Plastic Islands

A place where all types of plastic go

By Selah Pons

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 1.53.04 PM



Plastic is one of our main uses in life, now that it is created. Human kind use it everywhere and anywhere, but when we throw it away, we think it’s gone for good. Well think again, according to scientists plastic never goes away. You can chop it up into the smallest little microscopic pieces, but it will still be there. Now days, people use it even more, and they keep using, and using, and using it till they throw it away. Imagine, all of those pieces of plastic, every single one of those micro and macro pieces of plastic… Is still somewhere on Earth.

These are some images of the garbage flouting around the ocean.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 2.01.17 PM

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is one of the largest patches of trash floating in the ocean. Millions and billions of plastic is floating around like a big ice berg or island of plastic and garbage and anything you would throw in the trash. Some people think, “oh it’s just plastic, it’s like nothing is going to happen to it”. Exactly, nothing is going to happen to it, it’s just going to stay there until it gets eaten or picked up. Plastic is unbreakable, in other words indestructible, meaning it can’t go away, it will just be there ’till someone or something might grab it. For example a seabird, they always get into these messes. Not because they’re dumb, or because they’re birds, it’s because they don’t know the difference between eating food and eating garbage.

Many animals take risks to survive. Sometimes too big of a risk, like eating plastic just because they are hungry and starving. Plastic is a good resource for storing food and other thing, but a great threat to the environment. There are millions and billions of tons of plastic. Humans use a lot e every year, and has been using it since WW2 ( world war2).


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