Three Spies Who Saved The World

Three Spies Who Saved the World

By Katherine Lum


A long time ago, there were three spies that work for the place called Flower. There are a lot of agents in there to protect the place and the manager called Stella. The spies were also regular girls that go to Beverly High School. They get new tools when they have a new mission. The robot Glimmer gives them all the tools. The three girls are named Maria, Clover, and Bloom that always complain when they have to go on another mission . What might happen to them if they have to go on many missions in a few days or weeks?

                           Chapter 1                                

Day One

One cold day while the girls were shopping, they fell into a hole (that happens so many times because they have another mission to go to) that made them go into Flower where Stella talked them into going into a few more missions. Glimmer gave Maria the sunglasses that lets you see through glass. She gave Clover a nail polish that traps evil with a net coming out of it. Lastly, she gave Bloom the hair clip that makes the energy flow back.

Then, Stella just dropped them at Hawaii. They had to figure out why the water is only rising at Hawaii and the other places have no water left. They saw 4 evil girls controled by the evil Manny. The four girls broke the water pipe, but the spies were really tired because it was late at night. They decided to capture them in the morning. When morning came, the water rose to the bottom of the hotel. The spies had to find who did it and stop the water or else the world will be destroyed.

The spies saw the girls who destroyed the water pipe and decided to follow them. They came to a hole that lead to the underground. The girls saw who did it! “Manny!!” the girls yell. You did this all along! Why would you do such thing?! Manny said “I want to rule the world!!!” “No one can stop me because they will be afraid of me!!” “HAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

We will stop you! Tool time!! Manny said “ get them!!” Grrrrrrrrrr their nails started to grow really long and can shoot things. We must destroy the power machine that controls them. Stella, can you help us destroy the power machine. “ sure” said Stella. The light hit the machine and the machine broke. The girls were still fighting until the four girls came to a stop. They asked “where are we and what are we doing??” The spies said “ Manny turned you into his monsters, but don’t worry, we destroyed the machine with the help of Stella. Well we have to go. Have a safe night and get a safe trip back. The girls went back to the hotel and said “ wow it feels good when the water is back to normal.” Hmmm. You are correct, lets get some sleep and see what we have to save or protect tomorrow.Good night. “ Wait, what about my hair!”Clover said. “Wash it!!!!” both girls yell. “Fine!” said Clover. After she came out, her friends were fast asleep. Soon, after Clover combed and dried her hair she went to bed too, but she just could not fall asleep until 12:30 am. She kept having visions she thinks have to do with tomorrow.


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