Vampire’s Curse

Vampire’s Curse

By Leann Hom


Once, there was a girl named Maura. She had moved many times caused by lack of money. Her mother wasn’t alive. “Why is my life like this?!” moaned Maura. Her father just told her, her mom just died. “Calm down! You can only live once you know! Besides, tomorrow is your birthday, you should be happy at least.” “OK, fine! But I can’t tell you……” “Tell me what Maura? Since your Mom died you haven’t been talking to me often, is there something wrong? Is there something I should know?” “I’m not telling you anything after I turn 19 and by the way my birthday is on October 31st.” “But that’s on Halloween, who told you that?” “Mom told me right before she died…… in the garden.” Maura said faintly. “But Maura, what makes you say that she died of cancer?!” “What!?” Maura screamed in pain.

Chapter 1

8 1/2 years later

“I’m going to sleep!” Maura shouted. “But Maura, you didn’t eat your midnight yum-yums!” “Dad! I’m 18 not 10.” SLAM! “Mom you there?” Maura whispered. “Im here, I just got Sparky from the vet. You know you’re father is nonsense! I can’t believe he told you I was dead! I mean who does that right?” “Well, um…mom…sure… but I saw you die.” “Well, I’m a vampire and you are too plus Sparky.” WOOF! Sparky barked showing his fangs plus her mom.” “OMG,HAHA,OMG, sorry mom but that trick won’t fool me!” “Nice dentures, and well Sparky he has canine teeth.” Maura yapped. “Their real, you’re growing your fangs out and I don’t have dentures their real fangs! Just take them out and you’ll see the truth!” “EWW mom, no , but if you insist.” Maura slowly reached into her moms mouth and tried to take off her fangs, “AHH!” “Shh!” her mom whispered. “Mmmhhh” Maura murmured while her mom covered her lips. “Maura should I come in there!?” “Nope just…Uhh… A spider” Maura’s mom said trying to be Maura. SLAP! Maura slapped her hand. “So you won’t drink my blood or anything like that?” Maura questioned. “No, I think I kinda just drink red, anyways were born like this”. Lauren replied (Maura’s mom). “But if I tell my friends this, they won’t like me”. “Yeah that’s the problem you can’t or else you’ll die, anyways lets go shopping.” “Huh, wait what!?” PSHH! Soaring through the air, it was the most beautiful sight Maura had ever seen. They finally arrived. “So this is a monster store or something”? “No it’s a… Actually you’re right.” Lauren replied. “Everyone looks so different, I’m never going to fit in!” Maura murmured. “Ooh, I found the perfect outfit, wait right there!” Lauren panicked. “Mom, ok mom go..ahead.” Maura murmured. “Huh?” Maura noticed her best friend was their. Well, used to be best friend. “Casey! Do you remember me?!” A girl in pink yelled, “Casey you know this fool!” Cassidy is her name. “Hey how did you…” Maura stopped talking. Casey’s eyes turned shiny red. “Casey, are you ok?” Maura questioned as always. Casey’s voice darkened. “We’re not friends any more got it brat?” Maura stepped back and ran away crying. There was something wrong about her voice like if something happened about her. Maura looked back as if  someone was staring at her. “Are you ok my dear?” A young lady gave her a tissue. “My name is Melody, daughter of a Phantom.” Maura stared at her confused of why she would be so nice to her. “Umm I’m sorry my name is Maura daughter of a… Vampire”. “You’re probably wondering why I did this.” Melody sighed. Melody just read Maura’s mind. “Anyways, I did that because kids like her did things like that to me.” Melody replied. “Thinking of Melody, where was my mom?!” Maura thought. “Sorry Melody, but I’ve gotta go, I don’t even know where she is.” Maura moaned. “I’ll help you darling, if you want.” “That would be great help!”

Chapter 2

She could be anywhere, where could she be!? Maura thought. “So where is this “she”, and who is this “she”?” Melody asked. “Oh yeah, my mom.” Maura replied. “What!?” Melody exclaimed, “Sweetie, you don’t need my help. This your mom we are talking about, you can do this on your own.” Melody wrote something down. “Here, have my phone number.” Melody suggested. Maura took it. “So I guess I’m on my own.” ” I’m still with you darling!” Melody shouted. So off with a adventure they looked into the  Nicy Icy store. ” Excuse me, have you seen a vampire with long black- brown hair,  purple sapphire eyes, and a shirt that says fountain mountain?” Maura asked. But no luck, the ghost did not see the vampire. To the second store Maura asked the same question, but the man did not see her. And to the 10th store, still no luck! Maura just wanted to crawl into a ball, she sat on the side of the fountain, worrying about her mom. “Hey, hey,hey!” Melody cried happily. “What’s wrong?” Melody asked. “Oh nothing, just worried about my mom and stuff.” Maura moaned. ” You shouldn’t be sad!” Melody screamed. “Yes I know!” Maura yelled. “OK, SO NOW GET UP AND FIND YOUR MOM!” Melody screeched. ” Yeah, she’s a good friend.” Maura thought.

“So, where does your mom like to eat?” Melody asked. “Oh she loves the Meat Chamber, where she is probably right now!” Maura answered. Running up the elevators, there she was, her mother almost eating a juicy rare steak. ” MOM, ……..Stop, I finally found you!” Maura panted. “Hey let me eat my steak!” She screamed. “Mmm, delicious !” “Ok so now we know where she is.” Melody murmured, “Bye my friend.”  Maura didn’t notice. “So now we go?” Lauren asked. “Yeah.”  Maura replied.

                                                    1 day later

Maura looked at the cold printed window and sighed. ” Maura?” Lauren asked. ” Yes what is it?” Maura asked. “Can you go to my cottage, there’s this very OLD lady there, she can help you find my book.” “Um, sure.” Maura replied. Maura arrived at the misty street. “Eekk, this place gives me the creeps.”  Maura knocked at the door. “Hello, anybody here?” Maura asked. The door creaked opened. “Who’s there!” A lady croaked. She let Maura in. “Oh my sweet Maura!” She cheered. “How do you know my name?” Maura asked. “Don’t you know, I’m your grandma!” Maura’s grandma shouted. “What!?” Maura shouted back. “My mom did not say anything about you being my grandma, she said the old lady will help you. She said old really loud.” “Anyways I don’t want to hear this old lady talk, what do you need?” Maura’s grandma sighed. “Oh, my mom was talking about this book.” Maura replied. “What kind of book?” Maura’s grandma questioned. “I don’t know, just a book, book.” Maura resumed. “The book!” Maura’s grandma gasped. “Come with me!” Maura followed her grandma into a beautiful yet creepy library. “Lets see where it is.” Maura’s grandmother mumbled. “Yes, here it is!” She handed the book to her. “Thank you!” Maura thanked. Maura scrambled out of there, it was getting creepy anyway. When Maura arrived home, her mom was looking through books. “Um, I got what you wanted. Maura murmured. She handed it to her mom. “Thank you, my dear. Lauren thanked. “So, what is this book about?” Maura questioned. “The knowledge of monsters.” She replied.


Chapter 3

Before Maura got up from bed, she drifted off to sleep. Unpleasant dreams ran through Maura’s mind. She saw herself talking to Charlotte, then everything went dark. Maura yawned, and went to the kitchen. Her parents weren’t complaining about who was right. “Um mom, I need to say something.” “Yes sweetie?” Lauren asked. “Well both of you guys are right and you don’t need to fight.” Maura continued. Her mom just gently nodded her head while her father led Maura to the car door. “Um, ok.”


As she arrived to school, Charlotte and Melody stared at Maura. “Why is everyone odd today!?” Maura shouted. “Yesterday, you kinda blacked out on me.” Charlotte mumbled. “Yeah, why did you do that?!” Melody questioned. “Well because you know, that thing.” Maura nudged her head. Melody gasped, it’s kinda hard to tell her face expression. Since she’s a phantom and all (she has no face, it’s all blank!). “What thing, and why did you gasp?!” Charlotte asked suspiciously. “Oh, plus your not wearing your Halloween costume.” Maura turned to look at her school mates, they were all wearing their costumes. She looked at her friends, Charlotte was a strawberry, and Melody was just her self, (the phantom she is). And Maura was just herself. “Um, hello!?” Melody waved. “Wait what?” Maura asked. All of them just laughed. “Um, just wait a minute let me put my fake fangs on.” “Into the bathroom I go.” Maura looked left and right to see if anyone was there. Suddenly her teeth grew longer and sharper. “I’m here!” She didn’t see her friends, she looked behind her. They were signing some type of form. Her friends ran back to her all excited. “What did you guys sign?” “Ohhhhh nothing, just signing a paper for the school.” Melody giggled. “Tell me what you signed!” Maura said, paranoid. “We signed the form to sing to the school.” Charlotte smiled. “What do you mean we’re going to sing to the school, why!?” Maura shouted/asked. “What Charlotte means is we’re going to sing for the Halloween dance.” Melody reassured. “What is wrong with you guys, you didn’t even ask me!” Maura shouted. “We’re really sorry, we can cross our names out of the form if you want.” Charlotte apologized. “Uhh you guys, I’m glad you told me, but you guys can do it without me…” Maura murmured. “Well, ok Maura but you still need to tell me what’s going on.” Charlotte grabbed Maura’s wrist and led her to the back of the school. “You need to tell me, you’re not being HONEST with me!”  “But if I tell you then I won’t like where I go to…” “You need to trust your friends wherever it leads you to.” “Fine, I’ll tell you…” “I’m, I’m , I’m, I’m, a, a, a ,a , Bampurer.” “A, what?!” “What’s a Bampurer?!” I could see Melody running towards me, I finally tell Charlotte who I am. She laughs at me, she thinks this is some sort of joke. I could hear Melody say NOOOOOOO, then everything went dark.


“Welcome to the underworld, how may I help you?” A girl that looks like Melody asked. “Melody?!” Maura said confused. “No, no, no, I am Melody’s sister Beatrice.” She confirmed. Well she did kinda look like Melody, but the only difference from them is their hair. Beatrice looks a bit taller and she has blue and black hair, while Melody has lavender and black hair. “So why are you here?” Beatrice asked. “Oh, right you’re dead, my father told me.” “WAIT IM DEAD???” Maura complained. “I thought Vampires don’t die!?!?!?!?” “Sweetie you’re half human, of course you can die, plus you told your secret.” She clarified. I could hear footsteps echoing in. “Ok now we have to kill you, but since your Melody’s friend, I will give you about 6 or 7 more days to live.” “Do I have to?” Maura moaned. “Hey you live or don’t.” Beatrice added. “Well, living is better than dieing so I’ll accept.” Maura accepted. “Great.” Beatrice snapped her fingers to Maura’s  life. “Are you ok?!” Charlotte exclaimed.


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